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회장 사진

Dear members of The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists,

The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists was established on November 10, 1956. In the 61 years since, we have now trained over 5,230 specialists and grown to a large organization with 14 subspecialty associations. All this was possible because of the contribution and devotion of the former chairpersons and presidents of the board to our society despite difficulties, and the effort of our alumni and colleagues who have been treating patients persistently and have further advanced anesthesiology. I am grateful for all your support.

Looking forward to the next 60 years, even the next 100 years, we must internally stabilize our society so that we can continue to advance anesthesiology and contribute to the medical safety of people and healthcare improvement. We will have to make a ceaseless effort to further heighten our pride.

As the healthcare environment becomes more challenging every day, there is not a single project in our field that is less important to us. However, we will have to concentrate on several major projects that could have a huge impact on the continuous advancement of our society as well as the field of anesthesiology, and its status within the medical field; and as a result, the steady securing of talented residents. That is, we must strive for better insurance fees and coverage expansions in our field, an implementation of assessment on the adequacy of anesthesia, an improvement of the residency training program, an advancement of our journal, and lastly, betterment of the members in academic activities, communication, and their rights and interests. In addition, we will have to get ready to successfully host the 2022 Asian Australasian Congress of Anesthesiologists, which we were chosen to host in February 2014.

I will cooperate as much as I can with the members of the twentieth board of directors, who are striving hard to manage the aforementioned projects. I will take advice and interests from the members of our society and play the role that is given to me, so that our council can run reasonably and smoothly.

My esteemed colleagues,

I humbly ask you for your continuous attention and cooperation, which has lasted for over 61 years, so we can successfully resolve the issues we are facing, and our society and the field of anesthesiology can advance further. I will do my best with all of you.

I wish you great health and success.

November 2017
The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists
Yong Sup Shin

이사장 사진

Dear members of the Korean Society of Anesthesiologists,

The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. In the past 60 years, we have grown into a flourishing community with over 5,000 participating members. I am honored to be the 20th president of the board and be entrusted with the job of overseeing our activities with the help of my fellow directors. We, as a society, owe our success to our alumni and the current members, who have made tremendous efforts despite many difficulties to maintain and improve what we have achieved so far. The board of directors will do its best to heed to everyone's opinion and optimize the system for the betterment of our society.

Our society is today facing several challenges due to the rapid changes in the medical field both from within and from the outside. On the one hand, medical benefit policies are getting stricter, with a reduction in non-benefit payout, abolition of clinician designation fee, and introduction of DRG system to minimize the burden of healthcare cost. On the other hand, the demand for patient rights and safety is on the increase. To ensure patient safety, we must first ensure providing adequate level of care, then offer legitimate compensation for those possessing the necessary skills and qualifications. To do this, we need to strengthen our residency-training program and aim to ensure a fair insurance fee for clinical service. Our aim is to participate actively in policy development through collaboration with relative organizations so that our demands for improving anesthetic policy based on different types of evidence can be reflected in the government guidelines and ultimately lead to the adjustment of insurance reimbursements relating to anesthetics, pain, or critical care medicine.

Our society's improvement is a direct reflection on the status of its members, and therefore, I will do my best with the help of the board of directors to bring about improvements.

My esteemed colleagues,

I am well aware that duty of a president involves performing difficult tasks for the enhancement of members within a short period. I accept this post with a sense of responsibility and purpose for the establishment of a foolproof system. I seek your continuous cooperation and support, as well as your valued criticism.

November 2016
The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists
Il Ok Lee

The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists (KSA) was founded in 1956 and has made efforts to promote exchange of information between Korean anesthesiologists and to actively participate in the activities of international societies of anesthesiologists.

1950 New era of contemporary anesthesia was opened during Korean war.
1956.11.10 The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists (KSA) was founded -- The inaugral meeting of Korean Society of Anesthesiologists was held with 9 anesthesiologists.
1957 The KSA was authorized as a member society of Korean Medical Association.
1958 Department of Anesthesiology was independent from the Surgical department for the first time.
1963 The firtst examination for board of anesthesiology was done.
1968.11.1 The first issue of the Korean Journal of Anesthesiology was published.

Now KSA is a large community of above 3000 members, including above 10 subspecial associations.
We meet annually to exchange and to share scholatic information. The annually meeting is held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday(3 daty), November.

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